About me

Expat Panda is primarily a blog about what its like to:


  • Live as a woman in the Middle East
  • Teach full time and still be a travel blogger


But its also about someone who:


  • Travels with a third world passport
  • Is ethnically Asian
  • Has a nationality that is African
  • Lives on the brink of a few cultures
  • Possesses a geographically unknown face & accent


It’s trying to represent the brown female faces we hardly see hosting travel blogs; to reach out to the ethnically ambiguous and to dispel myths about travel and life in a supposedly ‘unsafe’ & ‘oppressive’ region.



This isn’t just a travel or expat blog, this is real life and in between. I began Expat Panda because I wanted to keep and share a record of my life and encourage other teachers to travel. The blog has since evolved and now presents raw perspective on a multitude of issues not faced by the average privileged travel blogger- from the racism I’ve had to endure to a divorce I had to go through.


Teaching, traveling, spicy food, photographing, pandas, eating, cycling, and making kids laugh are a few of my favorite things.


I wold love to connect, collaborate and chat so don’t be shy to comment or contact me to get in touch!

P.S. The home page illustration is from idrawpandas. Other panda illustrations are from these talented creators.

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